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MEtaheuristics for bIoinformatics Global Optimization



MEIGO is a global optimization toolbox that includes a number of metaheuristic methods as well as (currently in the R version only) a Bayesian inference method for parameter estimation. They can be used to solve the following problem classes:

  • nonlinear programming (NLP) and mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) using the enhanced scatter search metaheuristic (eSS [1]).
  • combinatorial (binary and integer programming) optimization problems using the variable neighbourhood metaheuristic (VNS [2]).
  • continuous parameter estimation using the Bayesian inference method BayesFit (R version only), based in ref [5].

Examples of these problem classes in bioinformatics and systems biology are:

  • parameter estimation in static and dynamic biology models
  • network inference
  • optimal experimental design
  • metabolic engineering
  • optimal design of synthetic biological networks
  • sequence alignment
  • genome rearrangement
  • protein structure prediction

In order to facilitate its use and interfacing with other software packages, we provide:

Furthermore, we also provide parallel implementations of these solvers based on a cooperative strategy [3]:

  • cooperative parallel eSS (CeSS, in Matlab, and CeSSR, in R)
  • cooperative parallel VNS (CVNS, in Matlab, and CVNSR, in R)
If you want to cite MEIGO, please use ref [4] below.

Related publications

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