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MIDER - a toolbox for network inference 


MIDER (Mutual Information Distance and Entropy Reduction) is a general purpose software tool for inferring network structures. It has been developed with biological networks in mind, but can be applied in other areas.

MIDER calculates distances among variables using an entropic measure based on mutual information, which takes into account time delays. For this purpose the user can choose between several definitions and normalizations of mutual information.

Details about the algorithms included are given in Villaverde et al [1].


The MIDER package is implemented in Matlab. The only requisite for its use is that some version
of Matlab is installed in the user's system.

MIDER is self-contained: it has no dependencies with external software.

MIDER is cross-platform: it can run on any machine where Matlab is available.


A manual is available here.

Related publications

[1] Villaverde, A., Ross, J., Morán, F., and Banga, J.R. (2014). MIDER: network inference with mutual information distance and entropy reduction. PloS ONE 9(5):e96732 (article)

[2] Folch-Fortuny, A., Villaverde, A., Ferrer, A., and Banga, J.R. (2015). Enabling network inference methods to handle missing data and outliers. Submitted.

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