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MEtaheuristics for bIoinformatics Global Optimization



MEIGO-R (R version)

This version includes the following R solvers: eSSR, CeSSR, VNSR, CVNSR and BayesFit. 

Download and installation instructions for MEIGO R package

  1. Make sure you have R installed. You can download it from
    Note: We recommend use the 2.15.1 version of R
  2. Open R console.
  3. Finally download and install the MEIGOR package (MEIGOR_0.99.6.tar.gz)
  4. You can also download and install the MEIGOR package in .zip format for intallation using the R GUI in Windows (
  5. Type:
    Note "~/" should point to the directory where the file is saved

Documentation and examples:

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